Special Power Solutions


Co Generation

This is the production of two types of energy simultaneously – electric power and thermal energy. Co generation is one of the most effective approaches to energy conservation. By making use of both these energies, you can save up to 35 percent on overall energy costs.

Natural Gas Generators

Although diesel fueled emergency power gensets will always be the preferred solution, there is an increasing move towards natural gas fueled standby power solution in recent years.

Benefits of using natural generator sets include:
  • Low Fuel Maintenance
  • Run time in a natural disaster
  • Beneficial environmentally- they emit 60% and 90% less of Carbon monoxide and nitrous oxide respectively compared to diesel gensets.


Integration of UPS and Genset

Famiar Generating Systems Limited has a wealth of experience in not only providing back up generators but also providing complete energy back up systems with seamless transfer when combining a generator and a UPS system, integrating the equipment into your energy distribution system for continued service
Integration ensures equipment is pre-configured to work together for optimum performance.



Built by combining a number of generators, these systems meet the customers' demand of higher kVA and provide considerable advantages in comparison to a single generator having the same rating. Synchronization panels custom-designed by the engineers of Teksan Generator are combined with this technology to offer integrated solutions to the customers. Said advantages are:
- Lower costs 
- Lower initial investment budget 
- Flexible use 
- Easy technical and maintenance services 
- Easy delivery and supplement of spare parts


Taylor made projects

Famiar has developed numerous unique solutions for individual needs and demands though close coordination with Teksan generators.
A generator system can be structured in different ways depending on the specifications of a given project: 
- Control and synchronization systems 
- Soundproof insulation and protection systems 
- Exhaust and silencer systems 
- Fuel systems 
- Cooling systems






GSM Module

This device is intergrated with your diesel generator to control and get event reports of the generator units while off site from any location in the world via SMS/ Email. It has a command relay capability eliminating the need to constantly be on site.