Automatic voltage regulators are used with any computer systems, fax and photocopy machines, industrials medical, laboratory, office appliances and household for secure energy.

Our Automatic Voltage Regulators provides the broadest range of protection available to guard your valuable equipments from all fluctuations of mains voltage hence reducing possible problems by electronic protection.

Below are our Impressive capabilities of our AVR Series:

  •  Phase Independent Voltage Regulation for Three Phase Models High efficiency in each model.
  •  Phase protection - disconnects during low or high voltage value.
  •  Out put frequency regulation.
  •  Reliable Stabilization for Secure Energy.
  •  Manual Bypass Switch.
  •  Short circuit protection.
  •  Servo Motor Controlled Technology.
  •  Ability to work with non-linear loads
  •  High efficiency in each model


Other features include built-in surge suppression for surges and spikes, line isolation to minimize transient events and noise, transformer shielding to reduce line noise and deliver clean power.

Phase protection, which is operated optionally, disconnects the output during low or high voltage value, and if there is no phase, again disconnects the output voltage by contactor. In order to avoid the possible problems that can be caused by sudden voltage fluctuations, Inform AVR includes a time relay, which can take the control in 2 seconds. It has a by-pass switch and on/off property.